Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New eBook releases 10/29: Horror books just in time for Halloween!

Arriving this week from Diversion Books are two horror sequels that are perfect to give you a fright this Halloween!

Adults will enjoy the conclusion to the sizzling relationship between music journalist Dawn Emerson and rocker Sage Knightly in The Devil's Reprise, the sequel to The Devil's Metal. Sage and Dawn are reunited when he invites her to cover his first solo tour in Europe. But nothing is as easy as it seems as they must negotiate with the mysterious new photographer, as well as vindictive promoters and demonic groupies they thought they'd never see again. Because this time, it's Dawn who made a deal with the devil...and she doesn't remember how she's supposed to pay it back.

Karina Halle is the USA Today bestselling author of The Artist's Trilogy and the Experiment in Terror Series. If you're new to the world of the Devils series, the first book The Devil's Metal is available for just 99 cents for a limited time! Pick up both books today for your favorite eReader.

Younger readers (and the young at heart!) will be thrilled and chilled by Geoffrey Huntington's Blood Moon. The third book in the Ravenscliff series, the mystery of the Tower at Ravenscliff is finally revealed, as Devon March deals with issues from the mundane (girl problems!) to the deadly (a savage monster plagues Misery Point). Devon's only choice is to take another trip down the Staircase Into Time, emerging at the Ravenscliff of thirty years ago, when his guardian Amanda was a toddler, and the Madman, Jackson Muir, is still very much alive.

Geoffrey Huntington has written a Craft of Writing post for Adventures in YA Publishing on Blood Moon's path to publication and the process of updating a YA series that was originally written 10 years ago. How have Twitter and cell phones changed the landscape? And if you haven't already, you can start the Ravenscliff series with Sorcerer's of the Nightwing, and continue with Demon Witch.

Diversion Books has a wide selection of horror and thriller books for every age and taste! Don't forget to check out our Featured Reads for our favorite chilling books: from Silencing Sapphire for New Adult fans, Slumber for Dark Fantasy YA fans, and Gary Grossman's frightening political reality thrillers starting with Executive Actions, there's something for everyone!