Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New eBook releases 11/19 - Lush Romance and Stunning Thrillers + Kindle Fire giveaway

This week brings an exciting mix of new and backlist titles from two bestselling authors.

Raine Cantrell, who recently re-released eight of her historical western romances in eBook format is back with an all new book, exclusive to Diversion Books. The Homecoming is the story of Matt Coltrane as he returns to his Texas farm at the end of the War Between the States. Finding his land ravaged by scavengers as part of a Reconstruction land grab, Matt bitterly turns his back on civilization, determined to live alone. His plans are upended when Laine Ellis, the only woman he's ever loved, is threatened. Despite the odds against them, Matt swears to protect her and his land. Laine and Matt must struggle in the face of old enemies and new challenges to bring their dreams to life as an entire country strives to put itself back together.

Thriller readers have five eBook debuts to choose from, by bestselling author Ian Slater. Slater's stories may have been written in the seventies and eighties, but read as if they were ripped from today's headlines. Environmental disaster springs from transporting oil down the North American west coast in Firespill, a debate that still rages today. A heavily armed populace feels the government has overstepped its bounds in Battle Front and Manhunt. In Sea Gold, it's a race against time as adventurers, thrill-seekers, and treasure-hunters are all desperately searching for oil under the waves as a violent storm approaches. And in Forbidden Zone, dark secrets of the Nazis are revealed based on terrifying and little known information about Hitler's plans for a terrifying superweapon.

The celebration of the two year anniversary for Mark Cuban's How to Win at the Sport of Business continues, and the prizes just keep getting better and better! In addition to the Goodreads paperback giveaway, and the Facebook eBook giveaway, the Diversion Books blog prizes have expanded to include a KINDLE FIRE for one lucky winner! Enter here!