Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New eBook releases 11/26 - National Book Award winner Walter Wangerin and free historical romance

In today's eBook releases, Walter Wangerin Jr. follows up this summer's re-releases of The Book of the Dun Cow and The Second Book of the Dun Cow: Lamentations with the all new conclusion to the Dun Cow trilogy, and Laura Parker's mysterious The Masqueraders series makes its eBook debut with a limited time free offer.

The Third Book of the Dun Cow: Peace at the Last picks up with Pertelote, the widow of Chauntecleer the Golden Rooster, now shouldering the heavy mantle of leader of the Animals. Desperate to keep her band safe, Pertelote is travelling blindly as she seeks refuge.

Two other groups of Creatures are making their own journeys through the perilous land. Deciding whether they are friends or foes is only one of the dangerous decisions Pertelote must make. When the disparate bands of Creatures converge on a hidden crater high in the dangerous mountains, they make a monumental discovery that may finally mean an end to their trials and tribulations.

Whether you've been following the saga of Chauntecleer and Pertelote and their battles against evil from the beginning or are a new fan, The Third Book of the Dun Cow: Peace at the Last is an integral addition to your collection. And if you haven't started the series yet, pick up The Book of the Dun Cow this Friday for just 99 cents for all readers.

Laura Parker's historical romance series, The Masqueraders, is a quintet of titles of secret identities, masquerade balls, and forbidden romances. In Caprice, Hadrian Blackburne returns to London after being thought killed in action at Waterloo. Bored to tears by the staid London society scene, he misses the spy games of Persia, where he was a master of intrigue. His interest is only piqued when a ravishing, veiled beauty sweeps into Regency London on a cloud of exotic mystery.

Who is this Princess Sultana el Djemal? Hadrian must know, even if playing the game of love could cost him body and soul.

For a limited time, Caprice is free for Kindle and iOS readers! And if you can't get enough after discovering Princess Sultana's identity yourself, remember there are four more books of romantic intrigue to keep your busy over the long weekend.

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