Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New eBook releases 12/10: Thrillers and Historical Romance

Prepare for thriller author Martin J. Smith's next book starring memory specialist Jim Christensen by catching up on the first three books, and delve deeper into Anita Mills' catalog with four backlist re-releases today from Diversion Books!

Jim Christensen is a Pittsburgh-based psychologist known for being a memory specialist - when a case is particularly tricky, due to witness memory being unreliable - Jim is called in to help. Jim probes the suppressed memories of the son of a suspected maniac plaguing the pharmacies of Pittsburgh in Time Release, studies a matriarch caught in the grip of Alzheimer's holding an explosive family secret in Shadow Image, and is compelled to assist a victim so traumatized she isn't sure she can identify her attacker any longer in Straw Men. Barbara Seranella, author of the Munch Mancini series, calls Jim Christensen "a wonderfully unique sleuth [who] tackles the most mysterious setting of all: the Bermuda Triangle of human memory."

Amazon and iBookstore readers are in for a special treat, with Time Release available for free for a limited time.

Keep following the Diversion Books blog for news on the fourth Jim Christensen title, The Disappeared Girl, coming this spring.

In May, Diversion Books released nine historical romance titles by Anita Mills. Readers who propelled her re-released titles up the bestseller charts will be excited to load four more Anita Mills re-releases into their eReaders. The pair of Comanche Moon and Comanche Rose are tales of hard living and loving on the American frontier, where bold Texas Rangers save the day. Falling Stars is a sequel to Autumn Rain, with plain Kate Winstead turning to the notorious rake Viscount Townsend when she is betrayed by her husband in a foreign country. In The Duke's Double, Joanna Sherwood marries the man of her dreams - only to have her dreams turn to nightmares when her new husband accuses her of infidelity.

In other Diversion Books news...

  • Executive Actions by Gary Grossman is the free Book of the Week on the iBookstore. After an assassin's bullet kills the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Teddy Lodge, he becomes the candidate to beat for incumbent President Morgan Taylor. When Secret Service Agent Scott Roarke is ordered to investigate the assassination, he unravels a deadly Soviet plot that has incubated for more than 30 years. Now controlled by a power hungry Middle Eastern heir to the throne, the Soviet sleeper agent is poised to change the course of American policy in the Middle East, and only Agent Roarke can stop him.
  • Acclaimed director Ridley Scott has purchased the film rights to C.J. Abedi's young adult bestseller Fae, published this summer by Diversion Books. Stay tuned for news about the upcoming sequel, The Dark King, coming this spring!