Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Releases 2/04: Updated backlist non-fiction, re-released as eBooks

This week at Diversion is all about sports, health, and fitness. From authors Kathrine Switzer and Skip Bayless, we have two backlist non-fiction titles, re-released as eBooks with all new updates.

Kathrine Switzer's Running & Walking For Women Over 40 is an indispensable and encouraging guide for every woman looking for a fun, easy and economical route to fitness & health.

Women’s fitness pioneer Kathrine Switzer has been on her feet for 53 years. She knows how running or walking is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive road to fitness for women of any age. For women over forty in particular, it’s vital to fit an exercise regimen into their busy lives, and ensure they can stay active and healthy for many years to come.

No matter how inexperienced or old you are, Switzer will guide and ease you into a new exercise schedule, showing how this time you give yourself will be the best part of your day...and your future life. Recommendations for shoes, clothing, injury prevention, nutrition, motivation and finding the time in your life will keep you exercising safely and comfortably. For women over forty, Kathrine Switzer's expert running and walking programs are specifically designed for you, enabling you to keep healthy and enjoying life to the fullest for decades to come. 

Purchase your copy of Running & Walking For Women Over 40 today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the iBookstore, & Kobo, or download it for FREE at Diversion.

Just last week, Diversion also released Skip Bayless's unforgettable expose that tears the metallic blue shine off the legendary star, revealing the truth about 'America's Team' and its beloved head coach, Tom Landry.

From the hangover that led Jerry Jones to buy the team, to the wild ride of the Staubach era, in God's Coach: The Hymns, Hype, and Hypocrisy of Tom Landry's Cowboys, Bayless strips away the image of the team created by the most powerful PR machine in sports, revealed by insiders willing to break their silence. 

Packed with unparalleled insight into one of the most storied franchises in the history of sports, God's Coach is a compelling revelation about a corrupt football franchise that dared call itself America’s Team.

Skip Bayless appears daily as the host of ESPN’s First Take; his commentary appears regularly on ESPN.com. A former columnist for the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Times Herald, Chicago Tribune, and San Jose Mercury News, and sportswriter for the Los Angeles Times and Miami Herald. In addition to God’s Coach, he is the author of The Boys and Hell-Bent.

Don't miss Skip's feature article on ESPN.com this Friday! And get your copy of God's Coach on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the iBookstore, and Kobo today.

Also, for all you thriller buffs, keep an eye out for Martin J. Smith's up-and-coming title The Disappeared Girl, due to release March 4. 

Memory expert Jim Christensen returns in the fourth installment of Martin J. Smith's gripping series.

When Christiensen's adopted daughter, Melissa, starts having dreams that feel more like memories, his work as an expert on memory makes him the ideal candidate to help her sort through the mysteries of her past. But will he really want to learn the truth about her history?

This dizzying novel of suspense takes the reader back into a dirty war and its human costs, into the fevered mind of one of its survivors, and through the crosshairs of a man desperate to keep his own history vanished.   

Pre-order your copy of The Disappeared Girl today from Amazon, Kobo, & the iBookstore!